Architectural Restoration

Gargoyle, Rams Head

Gargoyle, Rams Head

  Recent Projects.

St Columbas Derry, Northern Ireland.

This project involved removing four large gargoyles from the Cathederal and replacing the damaged ones with newly carved replacements.  The process to extract the original heads from the building was a tricky affair.  Both sides of the work required sawing verticle cuts to a depth of 450mm by 400mm through a stringer moulding.  The back end of the heads also needed to be drilled to a depth of 450mm, this took 25 seperate drill hole. 

Note lead pipe where water gets carried from roof through to gargoyle.

Then the bed was saw free and the whole piece of stone came free.

Now seperate from their original dwelling , the gargoyles werr taken back to the work shop to be copied in 4 fresh new blocks of Glipsim limestone. Before copping the heads, I first needed to rebuild the heads replacing horns, eyes, ears, jaws and teeth and hair.  This was done using modelling clay and stone repair mortar.


Replacement Gargoylr being carved in workshop.

At this stage the work began to block out the waste and define the head within the block.  Straigh forward calliparing was used to work out the depths and highpoints.

Completed Carving

Completed Carving


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