Clonmacnoise replica completed and erected in Portland Oregon USA

Clonmacnoise replica completed and erected in Portland Oregon USA

What is a memorial/Headstone?

It is a tribute to a persons life.

It is an expression of love, respect and appreciation.

It symbolises the personality, character, accomplishments and beliefs of that person.

Because a memorial is a work of art, there is no limit to the type of memorial that may be designed.

Beautiful bespoke headstones and memorials are available in natural Irish Limestone, Sandstone and Granite.  Have your loved one remembered in a special way by commissioning a unique one-off memorial.

Each memorial is tailored made to your specific requirements and is produced using age old traditional skills. Beautiful hand-cut lettering is a unique and special feature on all headstones produced.

Trying to decide on what type of memorial you require can be a difficult and emotional decision.  At my workshop you can meet with myself and discuss in confidence the type of memorial that best suit your requirements.

Other services we offer include:

Headstone restoration and cleaning, maintenance and re-lettering.

Hand-cut lettering of signage in stone for entrance ways and house names.

For a quotation and or to arrange an appointment please call Brendan on 087 2319108


DSCFMarigold PanelDSCF1470JDuffy H SIrish Limestone,Location,  Glasgow Scotland. 2gigoct09-187.jpg


One thought on “Headstones

  1. Your work is strong, we’ll sculpted and exquusite. My cousin, France Cassidy told me of you and your work. I live near Portland, OR. Where can I see your Clonmacnoise high cross? I’vE seen the original, but you have recreated it as it was before the elements git to it. Highly admirable

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